New Paradigm Partners understands the desire for an outside team of professionals to assist in the organization in realizing a business’ mission and profit objectives. New Paradigm Partners’ Business Consulting Services commit to conduct a complete review of the existing business including: Financial results, budgets, and projections

  • Existing fixed and variable costs including compensation plans for all staff
  • Existing Product and Program offerings of business
  • Management structure and competence, strengths, and weaknesses of existing personnel
  • Operational processes and procedures
  • Marketing and sales processes and materials
  • Demographic Analysis of current market and member penetration

The goal of the review is to identify a specific plan of action to optimize the current business model and results. The plan will include a 12 month pro-forma estimating the effects these changes would have on the financial results for the organization. In addition, the plan would include the necessary steps to create the necessary infrastructure (processes, software, systems, and personnel) to grow the business through increased revenue per member and the acquisition of additional members. NPP will provide a written audit assessment of those findings and a recommended plan/ pro-forma.

Monthly Maintenance -Retained Client Option

This secondary phase is where NPP will assist in executing the plan. We can provide training to the staff to ensure that your company fulfills its mission and profit objectives. We will provide custom sales and marketing tools, scripts etc as well as the training and support for your staff. In addition, you will receive discounts in all our vendor partner programs.

  • Monthly Consulting & Support
  • Includes one-two onsite visit monthly by an NPP Partner
  • Includes all monthly support calls
  • Unlimited access and use of NPP systems and tools